Get your community talking

Now that you’ve decided to do something about suicide prevention and you’ve set up a community action group, it’s time to get your whole community talking, engaged and involved.

When ideas and solutions come from inside your community they have more meaning and value than those recommended by external people and organisations.

People connect in many ways and can be members of different communities at the same time - neighbourhood, friends, school and work, cultural and language-based communities.

Community is the key because belonging to a community teaches people about relationships and values, improves their feeling of being connected to others and builds resilience.

When people are rejected by, or left out of, a community, they can feel alienated, isolated and powerless. These feelings can have a very negative effect on their mental health.

Being connected helps people to:

  • realise their potential
  • maintain cultural identity
  • know the importance of family
  • develop a conscience
  • become self-reliant
  • manage stress and frustration
  • handle worry and fear
  • form and maintain relationships.

Take a look at these tools and templates to get you started: