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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Why is a community-wide approach to suicide prevention important?

Involving the whole community can mend breakdowns in the social fabric of that community.

Providing a space where people can gather, spend time, feel they belong and make a difference is very important. Having a hopeful community that promotes resilience, connectedness and belonging, protects against suicide.

Read more on our 'Why community action?' page.

We have an established community action group, but are feeling stretched and can't meet demands from the community. What are our options?

Consider partnering with other community organisations to share staff, facilities or other support. Approach local businesses for in-kind sponsorship - maybe they can offer you secretarial or other administrative services. Talk to your local council to see how they might be able to support you, particularly in the area of governance and meeting venues. Network with other suicide prevention community groups to get ideas.

We have checked out the options on this website but feel we need more help with establishing a suicide prevention group, where can we get help with this?

Wesley LifeForce have 57 suicide prevention networks nationwide and can offer you the necessary resources and support to help you create a network in your area. For more information call 1800 100 024 or email [email protected]

What’s the best way to go about accepting donations and other fundraising activities for our community group?

There are different rules for donations and fundraising depending on whether your group is incorporated. An incorporated group is one that exists legally and separately from its individual members. Download this fact sheet from Wesley Mission about PDF icon Incorporation

There’s useful information about fundraising for not-for-profit groups at OurCommunity and Not-for-profit Law Information Hub that you’ll find useful.