Help myself

If you are feeling suicidal it is important that you take immediate steps to keep yourself safe:

  • Tell someone how you feel and, if possible, have them stay with you until you get help.
  • Contact a health professional and tell them you are feeling suicidal and need urgent assistance.
  • Take practical steps to keep yourself safe by connecting with people, and managing your thoughts.
  • There are really helpful fact sheets, practical ideas and emergency contacts at the Suicide Prevention Australia website.

Where can I get help now?

For immediate crisis intervention when your life may be in danger ring the police on 000 or go to your local emergency department and ask for the Psychiatric Emergency Team.

There are many professional and supportive services where you can get help in a crisis including:

  • Telephone crisis and counselling services such as:
  • Public health emergency mental health services
  • Your doctor, who may assess and respond to a crisis, and may also refer you to a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist (though this may not happen immediately)

Some tips for getting urgent help

  • Express the urgency of the matter without becoming aggressive
  • Speak clearly
  • Give the health professional specific examples of concerns
  • Give a brief history of self-harm or harm to others
  • Make sure that you listen to their advice
  • If they are unable to help, ask them why and who you should contact. Don’t give up.

There are many 24/7 telephone services and other organisations that can offer you support.