Start a group

Pebbles, one with the word 'Trust' on it

Talk to people in your community who are interested in taking action to prevent suicide. Call a meeting with everyone interested and make sure you consider the points below as you get started.

Set up a community action group

Decide who will be members of the group, consider including others, decide on the group's aims, terms of reference etc.

Guiding principles for community action

Before setting up any suicide prevention project, the most important thing is to look at what works. 

Announce your intention

Once you've set up your community action group, you'll need to let everyone know about it.

Get your community talking

Now that you’ve set up a community action group, it’s time to get your whole community talking, engaged and involved.

Develop your plan

Follow these steps to start fleshing out your group's action plan.

Write an action plan

Tips on how to approach writing your plan, including a sample plan to get you started.